domingo, 1 de marzo de 2015

TUMBLR: ''Alera y Narian''

''Don’t judge me. it was midnight and i only had my sister’s wax crayons.
I’ve ordered on Amazon Sacrifice by Cayla Kluver, and I’m SO EXITED!! The Legacy serie is one of my favorites ever.
Even Though, the title(Sacrifice) scares me. 
So I’ve decided that if Alera or Narian or Steldor (because he’s my beloved baby)die I’ll deny it till the end of my days.
So here’s a sketch of Narian and Alera looking worried, and him protecting his empress (how badass is she?! and they’re finally on the same side :’D). 
This ‘cause since I’ve read the synopsis I’m yelling in my head “No Shaselle please don’t fuck things up. I don’t care if there’s a revolution going on. I’ve waited years for my babies to be happy, You won’t touch them”
Their clothes are supposed to be reflecting their realms: Cokyri and Hytanica.
Their opposite bells should represent their “belonging to both worlds” though in my mind they swapped them after they had sex.
That’s becoming kind of long… CAUSE I’M SO EXITED!!!!
If you’re reading this, know that I’ll love you forever

And…I’m sorry I fucked up Alera’s face. Whiteout has fallen on her eye, don’t ask why. i’m an idiot.
:) ''

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